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I heard Jonathan speak in Bali, Indonesia. What a passionate speaker and what an inspiring story! No matter what Jonathan is talking about his delivery is authentic and genuine. I think there are people in this world who are not out there just to get a job done. They are out there to change the world and Jonathan is one such man. It was my privilege and honour to be in the same room and hear Jonathan speak. Be blessed.

Mandalina McKenzie, a relationship expert and a communication coach, XYZ relationships


Having worked together with Jonathan it's been extremely easy to identify that he really stands out! Not only his values and authenticity at a professional level but his personal talent is indeed magnificent. Someone with the experience, the mindset and the proven ability to help businesses grow very rapidly Jonathan is not only a true world class speaker but one of the best trainers, coaches and mentors I've come across. If you are fully committed to running a successful business, Jonathan is the professional that needs to be part of its driving seat. If an opportunity arises to work with Jonathan and STORM do not hesitate to do so, they will add enormous value to your business and to your life!

Emel Rolon, Barclays Corporate Relationship Manager, London City


Jonathan brings such passion and inspiration to all the topics I've heard him speak of. Most importantly, he really cares to make a difference and gives everything to his audience. If I had to describe him in a few words, I would say: Inspirational, dedicated, enthusiast and generous. He is absolutely someone worth hearing speak and following!

Anne Cecile


Jonathan is one of the most engaging, warm and enthusiastic speakers I have seen in a long time. He is so passionate about the topics he speaks about and he really paints a picture with his words. If you get a chance to see Jonathan speak you will not be disappointed!

Amanda Regan, European Space Agency


Our Members were treated to an exceptional talk recently from Major Jonathan Cunningham MBE on the subject of Counter- terrorism, which included an outline of historic events at home and abroad , the more recent events within Europe and the future concerns for the various governments and security agencies. The change in organisations orchestrating such atrocities to more one of 'lone-wolf' scenario was definitely thought-provoking , worrying and sobering. And given we there to enjoy a lunchtime food accompanied by a drink or two was a matter of concern! Jonathan’s presentation was informative, interesting and very professional, something we have become used to on previous occasions when Jonathan has presented to us. He really knows his subject matter!

Alan J Markham Honorary Secretary Liverpool Artists Club April 2017


Jonathan's experience is clearly evident as he describes the changing nature of the global terrorist threat and how we can prepare. Highly informative and delivered in such an entertaining and engaging manner. Truly fascinating and incredibly valuable!

Stuart Shepherd, Cathedral Administrator


Thank you for the recent compliance audit, I have been working through some of your recommendation/ actions. I found the audit very helpful, thank you for your time and support.

Cathy Sutton, Registered Manager, St Vincent’s Care Home, Southport November 2017


We have been working with STORM since May. They completed the compliance audit and health and safety audit and highlighted areas for improvement. We worked with Jonathon and Lorraine to complete the actions. We have implemented changes to practice following the many suggestions by STORM. We are pleased that we achied ‘GOOD’ in all areas by the CQC in September this year. This was due to both hard work and effort and the ideas and help from STORM. Jonathon has provided First Aid training to our staff and was excellent! Lorraine is always on hand to provide advice and help.

Flo Bergquist, Head of Care, Zoë's Place Baby Hospice, December 2017


Jonathan came to give a talk to the delegates of the Registered Care Managers Forum in Southport and it was very well received. The delegates enjoyed listening to his expert knowledge on CQC compliance and inspection and he even provided an attendance certificate for them to add to their continuing professional development. Overall an excellent level of support from a splendid chap. Remember "...sharing is caring...".

Fay Townsend-Jackson Chair of the Registered Care Managers Forum


Just some of the comments received; "Absolutely Amazing! Thank you for the inspiration!", "Excellent Presentation! Would love to network with you!", "Motivational & inspiring presentation. I'm sure you have driven improvements in many organisations today.", "A breath of fresh air!", "Bonkers! Fun! Fab!", "Great Presentation Good Energy"

CMM Insight Conference - June 2018